Democrats could reform 'weaponized' California recall system

Hours after California Gov. Gavin Newsom beat back a recall election that could have removed him, his fellow Democrats in the state Legislature said Wednesday they will push for changes to make it more difficult to challenge a sitting governor.

5 takeaways after California governor handily defeats recall

Republicans intended the recall to be a referendum on Democrats’ rule of California, and the homelessness, crime, high housing costs and energy problems that accompanied it. But with the help of the spreading delta variant Gov. Newsom turned it into a referendum on their opposition to precautions against the coronavirus.

California Governor Gavin Newsom defeats recall effort

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has ably fended off Republicans' recall attempt. He did so by changing the stakes of the contest from a referendum on his own performance and into a partisan fight over Trumpism and the coronavirus. KTVU Fox 2's Amber Lee reports from Sacramento.

California recall candidates make one last push for votes

The candidates in the Governor Gavin Newsom recall election made one final push on election day. The governor spent the final day in the Bay Area, while the two leading Republicans focused on Southern California. KTVU FOX 2's Andre Senior reports.

5 things to look for in California's gubernatorial recall

Most California Democrats vote by mail, and Republicans tend to vote in-person and have their ballots tallied faster. So whatever the results Tuesday night, they’ll likely become more and more Democratic as the counting continues.