Reduced BART, Muni and VTA service during coronavirus outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people get around – and has greatly reduced ridership on public transportation.

Starting on Monday, commuters can expect to see limited service with fewer trips ending earlier in the evening. Some routes won't be running at all. 

BART has already scaled back service. And now, Muni and VTA are also making changes: Service is suspended until further notice.  

VTA was planning to still run trains every 30 minutes starting Monday – but had to completely halt light rail service after an operator trainee tested positive for covid-19 on Wednesday. 

There are no bus bridges.

And VTA is not collecting fares.

Service has been changed to include some buses – with modified routes focusing on essential services.

So VTA is making it a prioirty to get people to hospitals, food pantries, and shelters.

Muni subway stations will be closed – except ones in the downtown san francisco area for people taking BART.

There will be no special event shuttles.

Several express routes have been discontinued – including the California A and B Express, the mid-Market Express, and Embarcader, a lot of the lines that take people to work.

Cable cars stopped running to protect operators and passengers.