Redwood City mom dominates Warriors' Dance-Cam

A Redwood City mom and Warriors fanatic has become an overnight Internet sensation all because of her dance moves.

Robin Schreiber dazzled die-hard Dubs fans at Wednesday night's Golden State Warriors' game.

"The Dancing Mom is what everybody calls me!" laughed the 60-something Oakland-born former schoolteacher from the living room her Redwood City home.

Last year Schreiber danced on the Jumbo-Tron 21 times, but this week, something about the way she moved- stuck. Almost overnight, the blue and gold Christmas-sweater clad dancer shot to Internet fame.

"After the election I kind of felt people were down and needed something more upbeat so I decided to don my sweater once again and get up and dance!" said Schreiber, with eyes sparkling.
Schrieber has never had formal dance training.

This is God-given talent, folks.

"I danced really silly and people were laughing and I think it's gotten people's spirits up," said Schreiber.

When she's not busting a move at Oracle Arena, the hip-hop mama is an artist. She gave our KTVU crew a house tour, where a painting or drawing sketched by Schreiber hangs in every room.

Schreiber admitted that the fabulous warriors Christmas sweater was actually a gift for her son that didn't fit him. "[My husband and son] dared me to wear it!" Schreiber chuckled.  "I didn't really care for the sweater, but I wore it and when they were both there, they said come on get up and dance! Do it!"

Schreiber even taught KTVU's Tara Moriarty a few moves, including the over-the-head thing.

The spunky fan explained how she held back a bit on Wednesday. "I was going to do the Juju but I forgot the rest of the moves but I know that you do THAT," she said demonstrating the signature Juju move.

For those of you who missed her performance on Wednesday, Schreiber has a new routine prepared for Sunday night's game. She has just three requests for the Warriors.... play the Juju beat song, give her slightly more dance space and turn the volume up!