Remains of missing Fairfield woman found, husband charged with her murder

The remains of a Fairfield woman who was reported missing on Feb. 15 have been discovered in Fresno County, the Fairfield Police Department said on Tuesday. Her husband has been charged in her murder. 

The burned remains of Abu Anand Hobson, 53, were located in a rural area of Fresno County on Friday, FPD said. 

Detectives were able to recover DNA from the remains and were able to identify her. 

Anu was last seen on Feb. 13, and on Feb. 16, police arrested her husband, Gregory Grant Hobson, 61, after they found him traveling in the couple's Toyota Tacoma. Police had been searching for both of them in the car but only found Gregory. 

At the time, police said, "Anu has not been found and, based on evidence collected thus far, police believe she has been killed."

A motive in the case has not been released and the investigation is ongoing, police said. 

Gregory has been charged with one count of murder and will be arraigned on Thursday. 

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