Remember him? '19th Hole Man' arrested at Phoenix Open competing in mullet competition

Do you remember him?

In February, we reported on an incident at the WM Phoenix Open, where 27-year-old Sean Patrick McConnell, who also goes by the name ‘Mac Savage,' allegedly jumped from the general admissions bleachers at the golf open's 16th hole and went onto the course. From there, he ran through a player access tunnel to the 17th hole.

McConnell could be seen on camera running half naked on the turf, with the words "19TH HOLE" written on his back.

"As I was running, everyone just got it going crazy right away, so the feeling of the whole crowd just cheering you on, it is so exhilarating," said McConnell, during an interview with reporter Brian Webb on Feb. 17.

Police said McConnell was never fully naked during the incident, and was not injured. He was, however, accused of trespassing, disorderly conduct, and failure to obey a lawful order from law enforcement.

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It has been months since the incident, and we now learn that the so-called ‘19th Hole Man’ is up to something new and different.

McConnell said he is competing in a mullet competition.

"I always loved the 80s and the reckless lifestyle that comes with the 80s, and the mullet is the full embodiment of it," said McConnell, in an interview that happened on Sept. 20.

McConnell was sporting a mullet at the time of the WM Phoenix Open incident, and the mullet, he says, has a story to tell.

"Living fast, having a good time, and no regrets," said McConnell.

"He was one of the first dudes to walk in here with a mullet like this and be like, ‘I’m going to continue this mullet energy,' and now, people come in here all the time asking for mullets, all because of him," said McConnell's barber, George Bartlett.

McConnell said it took him about six barbers before he found Bartlett.

"My signature racing stripes on the right side, and George always kills it with a cool design on the left side," said McConnell.

McConnell was voted Top 75 in the USA Mullet Championships, and he is vying for a move into the Top 25.

"The mullet is not just a haircut," said McConnell. "It is a lifestyle."

The contest benefits Homes for Wounded Warriors.

"It's bigger than just the mullets. We're helping out veterans. It’s an awesome organization," said McConnell.

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