Remembrance ceremony marks three years since death of Laudemer Arboleda

Wednesday marked the third anniversary of the death of Laudemer Arboleda, the unarmed and mentally ill man who was shot and killed by a Danville police officer.

His family gathered for a remembrance ceremony at the site where he died.

"I am deeply hurt by the pain and suffering that I encountered with my son," said Jeannie Atienza, Arboleda's mother.

Just weeks ago the family was awarded $4.9 million in a wrongful death suit. And last week Danville Officer Andrew Hall was found guilty of assault in the case, but a mistrial was declared on the most serious charge of voluntary manslaughter.

Hall, who remains employed as a Contra Costa sheriff's deputy, was charged in April of 2021, more than two years after Arboleda’s death and just weeks after he shot and killed Tyrell Wilson in Danville.

Family members of other people who died during encounters with police in the East Bay were in attendance at Wednesday's event.

"I just wanted to send my deepest condolences to the Arboleda family. This is something you’d never think you’d be part of," said Taun Hall.

Her son Miles Hall, 23, was shot and killed by Walnut Creek police in 2019.

KTVU reported in May of 2021 that Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton decided against filing charges at the officers involved in his death.

Angelo Quinto died in the custody of Antioch police, which the coroner later ruled his death an accident.

Quinto’s sister told the crowd that the family had been working with state lawmakers on legislation to prevent similar deaths in police custody.

"We had the opportunity to work on a bill called AB 490 that bans restrains that can cause asphyxia," said Bella Quinto-Collins, Angelo Quinto’s sister.

Each of the men who died during encounters with police, Arboleda, Wilson, Hall, and Quinto, suffered from mental illnesses. The group said and mental health challenges should not cause someone’s death.

They also urged Becton to retry Officer Andrew Hall for voluntary manslaughter in the death of Arboleda.

"We want those charges; you know those charges to be redone. We also are calling on her to bring charges in the murder of Tyrell Wilson," said Veronica Benjamin, founder of Conscious Contra Costa.