Renewed talks of Raiders-49ers sharing Levi's Stadium

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It’s an option Oakland Raiders Owner Mark Davis has repeatedly shot down. However, since the team isn't moving to Los Angeles at least for now, there's renewed talk of the possibility of the Raiders sharing Levi’s Stadium with the San Francisco 49ers. The mayor of Santa Clara Jamie Matthews welcomes the idea.

Levi’s Stadium is built for two teams. Matthews said the Raiders are the only sports team that's ever come up as a possible second tenant here and after the NFL owners meeting, anything is on the table.

It could be the smartest move financially and geographically for the Oakland Raiders to head to Santa Clara and share Levi’s Stadium with the 49ers instead of building a brand new stadium.

“We are open for discussions,” said Matthews. “We've had discussions along the way.”

Matthews said the stadium has locker rooms for two home teams and LED lighting to change the stadium's colors.

If the Raiders were to move in, it would mean a $40 million initial payment to the city.

“It would pay down the debt twice as fast and faster we pay down the debt, the more money is available,” said Matthews.

“My gut is telling me that Mark Davis doesn't want to move to Levi’s Stadium but my gut is also telling me if Oakland does not pan out, the National Football League will nudge Mark Davis to playing at Levi’s Stadium,” said Mark Purdy who is a sports columnist for the Mercury News.

Purdy has covered the NFL since 1978. While he said Davis has expressed no interest in being secondary to the Niners at Levi’s Stadium, Purdy said don’t rule it out especially since the NFL likely does not want to loan another $500 million to build a stadium just 30 miles apart.

“If you are asking me what he should do, I think he should probably go to Levi’s Stadium for a two-three year temporary deal, just see how it works,” said Purdy.

“I think it would be beneficial to the South Bay, bring more money down here to Santa Clara, Santa Clara County and Silicon Valley,” said Raiders Fan Jace Hider.

“They already have a fan base out in Oakland, might as well find something out there at Jack London Square,” said 49ers Fan Jonathan Pizano.

Davis could be waiting to see if the San Diego Chargers share a stadium with the Rams in Inglewood. If the Chargers decline, the Raiders could move in on that deal.