Rep. Speier addresses wide range of issues, including Jeffrey Epstein suicide

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Peninsula congresswoman Jackie Speier appeared on KTVU's 'Mornings on 2' on Saturday, ahead of her town hall meeting.

She addressed a wide range of issues, including the breaking news regarding the suicide of financier Jeffrey Epstein, as well as her push for stricter gun control laws and immigration reform.

Rep. Speier said the Epstein case troubled her on many grounds, including that he attempted a suicide just last month.

Speier said a congressional oversight committee that she is a  member of, will still hold a hearing in which Epstein's alleged victims will have a chance to speak about what happened to them.

The congresswoman said she was deeply disturbed that Epstein received what she considered, preferential treatement throughout the criminal cases against him, including a controversial plea agreement in 2008, in which he avoided more serious federal charges, and was sentenced to 13 months behind bars for soliciting a minor for prostitution in Florida.

Rep. Speier  said "he was treated differently than any other criminal all through the process."

Speier's town hall is at 10:30 a.m. at Canada College's theater on 4200 Farm Hill Boulevard in Redwood City.