Report claims LEGOs are better investment than gold

Who need stocks and bonds? A new study finds something even more valuable: LEGOs! They’re more valuable than gold.

Maybe it’s the nostalgia factor. Maybe it’s that there are now LEGO movies and video games. Whatever the reason, LEGOs are now valued at much more than you would expect.

“With their licensing of these very popular movies and properties, I think that it's ingrained even more,” said Gods & Monsters store co-owner Todd Fisher.

A new study from Russia’s Higher School of Economics found LEGO sets may be a better investment than gold. In the last roughly 30 years, LEGO sets bested gold, stocks and bonds returns on investment by 11 percent a year, according to the study. So it’s true what they say: all that glitters is not gold.

But for those that know this business, the fact that something like this might be worth more than 14 karats of this is no big surprise.

“Nobody expects to hear that but you know, that kind of thinking has been around for a long time. LEGO is a fantastic portal into creativity,” said Fisher.

We found this Super Hero Marvel LEGO set on for $19.99. A similar one on eBay is selling for more than double that price at $42.99.

Experts say smaller sets and individual pieces general sell better.

“You’ll get people that want certain single figures that are only available in the larger set,” said Fisher.

If you have LEGOs at home, be careful what you dump or donate. But the toy market is always fluctuating so if you’re going to collect, “don't do it because of the money. Do it because of the love.”

Fisher says if you’re looking to sell, look up comparable figures and sets online to see what they’re going for.