Residents demand city officials reconsider San Francisco navigation center

A terrifying attack that replays in the victim’s mind and on her screen, “I keep watching that video thinking, ‘Who is that girl that could fight that night?’ I don’t even know where I got the strength,” said Paneez.

The 26-year-old fought off alleged attacker Austin James Vincent last Sunday when she was walking to her condo on Beale Street, a building right next to where the city’s largest navigation center is being built.

“This is mental illness and you’re putting them right next to our house how can you put us in that danger?” she asked during a news conference Sunday morning.

Paneez was joined by members of group Safe Embarcadero For All. They want the city to reconsider building the 200 bed center on Bryant Street and the Embarcadero citing an increase in crime since construction began.

“It’s irresponsible to build a 200 bed shelter in which the city admits will house active drug users and the mentally ill in the middle of 10,000 residents when the city is unable to ensure our safety,” said group president Wallace Lee. 

Mayor London Breed’s spokesperson Jeff Cretan issued this statement regarding the concerns:

San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney also released the following statement Sunday afternoon: 

Safe Embarcadero For All already filed a lawsuit and a temporary restraining order in hopes of halting construction. The group said the city needs a new plan, “I have one hope and that’s for the city to take action and make us feel safe,” said Paneez.