Retiring kindergarten teacher replaced by former student

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Carrie Miller has taught for 30 years in Fulton County. Of those 22 have been in the same kindergarten classroom at Medlock Bridge Elementary. This year, Miller is retiring, but she's not passing her grade book over to any stranger.

Her replacement is a student who sat in one of Miller's classrooms 30 years ago. In fact, Miller still has a drawing from the student on a birthday card written to her new daughter those three decades ago.

Alisha Phillips is starting her first year as a Fulton County School's teacher. She says she never expected that she could be replacing the woman who taught her years ago.

“I never expected to be at Medlock Bridge Elementary, but when I learned I was taking over for Ms. Miller, I knew I had to come,” she said.

And Miller has given some good advice from her 30 years at school.

“She has shared with me that I should take things slowly and be flexible as I approach each day with my students,” said Ms. Phillips. “If I do the things she advises, I am sure my students and I will be fine.”

Miller says plans to spend her retirement years being with her daughter and her three-year-old grandchild.