Ricky's Sports Bar, a fixture in San Leandro, may close forever

Ricky's Sports Theater and Grill on Hesperian Boulevard in San Leandro has been a fixture in the community for decades.

The establishment, which has catered to Raider Nation fans for more than a half-century, is facing an uncertain future since it was forced to close indoor dining due to COVID-19 shelter in place requirements. 

"I would come here to eat super and of course I like sports, I’m a sports fan and always have been," said Dr. Robert Gingery.

The long-time customer recently launched a GoFundMe page to raise $100,000 to help save the bar, which employs more than 20 people, from closing its doors for good. 

"What you do in this life is try to make good things happen and that’s what I’m trying to do,” Gentry told KTVU Thursday afternoon. 

In addition to the effect that the COVID19 pandemic has had on business, owners Ricky and Tina Ricardo have hit hard times with Ricky being diagnosed with dementia. 

"The bills are still coming in, more bills are still coming in… taxes are still coming in and you just get buried," said Tina Ricardo. "It’s like getting beaten in the face every day”

This isn’t the first time that the establishment has been threatened. A fire broke out of the property back in 2018. Though fire crews were able to keep the flames from destroying the restaurant, what the fire didn’t take, COVID-19 just might unless there’s an intervention.

"It’s an iconic sports bar that should not be lost because of this COVID devastation,” Gingery.

Those who want to donate to help keep the historic bar open, please click here