Rideshare changes at San Francisco International Airport expected to ease travel problems


A new pickup location and more than 200 new parking spaces for rideshare drivers to wait for passengers is expected to make travel at San Francisco International Airport smoother.

Scores of rideshare vehicles lined the international terminal at San Francisco International Airport Sunday to pick up Fourth of July holiday travelers, some of whom did not know about new rules for the car services. 

“I was expecting to get on Terminal 3 departures, but we had to come all the way here because they changed the pickup location, I guess,” said Teddy Liang, who was told to head to the international terminal for Uber and Lyft pick-up services.

The Fourth of July holiday was the first major holiday since SFO moved the rideshare pickup location to the fifth floor of the domestic parking garage. 

The new location for rideshare passenger pickups is not the only recent change at the airport. It also added 244 parking spaces for rideshare drivers to use while they wait for passengers.

“I think it’s the best move that they have made in the four years I’ve been driving,” said driver Kevin Crump. “There’s no accommodations for all these cars. You can get here but you can’t get in the (main) lot so they keep sending you back and forth around the freeway."

“It’s really appreciated now with all this space they have,” Crump added.