Running water restored at Hayward mobile home park

The residents at the Eden Garden mobile home development are a lot better off now then they have been all week.

They now have running water.

After four days, he approximately 400 residents will finally have indoor plumbing again.

"It's going to be shower time," said Ken Ludington.

A 50-year-old water pipe broke Sunday. That meant no running water until it could be fixed.

Residents had to fill buckets with from the  swimming pool to flush toilets, not easy for the elderly. The situation lead to several cases of frayed nerves.

"I've been having to go to fast food places, to the park across the street, to  brush my teeth and wash my face," said Linda Nardi.

"We come out her a couple of times a day to get water from the pool, use it," said Patricia Williams.

Others seemed to just go with the flow, or rather the lack of flow.

"I'm getting through okay. I can go out and eat. If I need a shower I can go to the gym," said Eddie Reynoso. 

The property manager treated residents to pizza today and last night. He says his plumbing contractor got the replacement pipe.

"It's a horrible inconvenience for everyone. We realize that. And we are doing the best we can. It is not something you plan for," said property manager Joe Laughlin.

The original estimate was that the fix wouldn't be complete until Friday. But by afternoon the problem pipe was replaced, and the Eden Garden drought was over.

"Tonight I am taking a hot luxurious bath. It's going to be wonderful," said Williams.

As acknowledgement  for their inconvenience, the property manager says  the residents will get a 25 percent discount on their rent for December.