RV dwellers protest fee hike in San Leandro trailer park

A rally is planned for Monday at a San Leandro RV park to oppose the rental and fee hike housing advocates call “extreme”.

Cascade Corporate Management took over RV Park Trailer Haven in August and is increasing the rental fees 30-35 percent, according to advocates.

Maxine Ventura who represents the RV dwellers, said the city, state and federal laws are failing those in the park, that some are at risk of losing their homes and that they don’t have protections against such hikes.
The rally is scheduled at 6 p.m. in front of City Hall at 835 East 14th Street.

“Not only have the new owners made dramatic rent hikes, but our home values have dropped overnight $10,000 for each $100 raise in rent/fees, according to the Golden State Manufactured Owners League,” read a news release put out by the advocates.