Sailor anchored in Aquatic Park for 120 days, not moving until city fixes his boat

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Swimmers in San Francisco were preparing to take to the water this morning-- facing what they say is a new hazard-- a boat illegally anchored in Aquatic Park.

For more than 3 months, one man's boat has been anchored there. The owner says he's not moving until the city fixes his damage boat.

The boat's owner Bryan Pennington, 52, parked his 34-foot Trimaran here after he says a San Francisco Police Marine Unit damaged his boat when officers tried to board his vessel.

"I'm the captain of that vessel it's damaged and when I say it's ready to go somewhere it will go somewhere," said Pennington. "My vessel got damaged by the city the city needs to fix it and then I'll be on my way. I'm not here because I want to be. I frankly don't even want to be here."

KTVU talked with a man who's seen the damage himself – he says there’s about $2,000 worth. The rail around the boat has been pulled down and someone seems to have stepped on the fiberglass and punched a hole through.

The boat owner dropped anchor in Aquatic Park, which is not a marina and is technically under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, for safe harbor and protection from the waves. Rules allow to be anchored five nights in a row or 30 nights a year. Pennington has been here for 120 days and counting.

Meanwhile, members here at the nearby dolphin club – who swim in the area – say his boat is too close to the swimming lanes. They say he may be illegally dumping his waste into the water and believe it's been more than 70 days since he left the cove to pump his sewage tanks. 

“People are concerned about biological waste in the water while their swimming,” said Mdhuri Yechuri of the Dolphin Swim Club.

But Pennington says he uses the facilities on shore and that human waste shouldn't even be a question because the vessel doesn't have a septic tank.

The U.S. Park Police, San Francisco Police marine unit, and U.S. Coast Guard have cited Pennington for seven violations, including a felony for obstructing an attempt to board. 

KTVU has learned Pennington has a court date in federal court set for March 15th.