Salesforce Transit Center reopens to buses

Buses are once again rolling into the $2 billion Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco.

The transportation hub reopened to Muni and Golden Gate Transit buses on Saturday.

The complex was shut down to the public for 9-months, after two cracked beams were found on a bus deck above Fremont Street.

KTVU's Leigh Martinez talked to several people at the transit center, including a Muni bus driver, and asked them whether they felt safe.

Muni bus lines that are now stopping at the complex, are the 5/5 R Fulton, 7-Haight/Noreiga and 38/38R-Geary.

Golden Gate Transit lines are the 30, 70, 101 and 10X.

The facily reopened to the public on July 1, but was still not accepting public transit.

It will take another month for the facility to accept all bus lines.