Same-sex couple says Lodi-area winery rejected wedding ceremony citing religious beliefs

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A same-sex couple says a winery near Lodi refused to host their wedding over the owners' religious beliefs. 

Dezanea Reyes and her fiance Alex Biddle said they reached out to Viaggio Estate and Winery in Acampo last week to book the venue for their wedding. 

The couple says they were told the owners did not allow same-sex wedding ceremonies on the property citing their strong religious beliefs. 

"If they don’t want same-sex marriages on their property, I mean, because of their religion, they are entitled to that. But at least make it known," Reyes said. 

At first, the owners suggested they hold the ceremony elsewhere and have the reception at the winery. 

But they later reversed course and said the couple was welcome to marry at the estate however, the women say they're no longer interested. 

The Sacramento Bee reports the owners apologized for Viaggio's policy and said it would be changed to host all weddings.