San Francisco and Marin loosen mask rules Friday

It's time to relax the mask rules for residents in San Francisco and Marin counties.

Health officials have announced new rules for people inside of offices, gyms, or religious gatherings starting Friday. Under the new guidelines, if employers or event hosts can verify that everyone is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, no one will have to wear a mask.

Bars and restaurants will still follow the current masking mandate in Marin County. However, in San Francisco, masks can come off in bars and restaurants if everyone is vaccinated.

Masking rules in restaurants have been a source of confusion for many residents in the Bay Area. Many restaurant owners don't want to be the ones policing the restrictions while others think it's still a good step in keeping their diners safe.

Officials in San Francisco and Marin counties hope this next step in easing the mask restriction will entice more people to get vaccinated.