San Francisco bars nix Russian-themed drinks

Russian alcohol and Russian-themed drinks are the latest targets in growing backlash against for invading Ukraine. 

At Bond Bar in the San Francisco’s Mission District, owner Andrea Minoo just changed the menu this weekend.

"We decided that the very famous and popular drink the Moscow Mule should no longer be called the Moscow Mule," said Minoo. She said the drink is now being called the Kyiv Mule. "You know, it’s a nice gesture on our part. It's small but it's you know it's about raising awareness." 

Moscow Mules are also off the menu at Madrone Art Bar along Divisadero Street. 

Patrons can order a Ukraine Mule or Vodka Mule instead.

"We will be looking for a Ukrainian vodka to feature instead of a Russian one," said owner Michael "Spike" Krouse.

The sentiment is being felt at bars around the country.

A bar in Dallas has created a blue-and-yellow drink to show support for Ukraine, and named in the "F*** Putin Shot."