British lawmaker stabbed to death inside church

British Conservative lawmaker David Amess was stabbed to death on Friday during a routine meeting with constituents at a church in eastern England, an attack that united the U.K.'s fractious politicians in shock and sorrow.

Norway bow-and-arrow massacre 'act of terror,' officials say

Authorities are calling the shocking bow-and-arrow rampage in which an attacker killed five people in a small town in Norway a terrorist act. Police arrested a 37-year-old Danish citizen for allegedly targeting people in a supermarket and elsewhere.

Bay Area economists win Nobel for research on wages, jobs

A University of California, Berkeley economist won the Nobel prize in economics Monday for pioneering research that transformed widely held ideas about the labor force, showing how an increase in the minimum wage doesn’t hinder hiring and immigrants do not lower pay for native-born workers. Two others, including a professor at Stanford University, shared the award for developing ways to study these types of societal issues.