San Francisco Fleet Week's Parade of Ships enters the Bay


The USS Harpers Ferry – named for the West Virginia town where abolitionist John Brown attacked a Union Armory, one of the main events setting off the Civil War, the Navy ship is a well-armed utility ship that provides many fleet and ground troop support activities. While this ship may not have the cache of an aircraft carrier or a submarine, it is, nonetheless, an important combat ship that delivers the personnel and their equipment to the battle. 

Besides the media, Fleet Week volunteers and invited guests also came along. "This is part of America. This is part of our country and being exposed to this, you know, I wish I could have joined and served my country," said guest Aman Bhallva. Karen Bruce Adams came out of respect for and at the request of her father, Navy veteran Joseph Bruce from the greatest generation, "He's 96-years old and he was in the Navy in World War II and he was just so excited for me to be on this ship," said Adams.

The military has helped countless families get into the middle class. "It lifted them out of poverty. Before they served in the military, they didn't always know where the next meal was coming and then the military came. It gave them structure, it gave them three meals a day and then it gave them a college education," said SF Rotary Club Guest Christopher Wiseman. "And, everywhere the military is stationed or goes, you'll find the USO. "From the time they join until they transition out, the USO is there for the U.S. member of the armed forces and since 1941 in over 275 locations worldwide, said USO West Region Executive Carla Garci.

Beyond projecting power and being combat ready, the Navy provides humanitarian assistance worldwide. "The people I've seen onboard ,you know, experience a great motivation boost when we know we're gonna help somebody out, even if it's not in the United States," said Chief Petty Officer Gregg,

Fleet Week’s main events are on Saturday and Sunday.