San Francisco hiring 1,200 'on-site monitor' hotel workers during coronavirus crisis

 (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

With more than 4 million Californians out of work because of the coronavirus shutdown, the city of San Francisco has some pretty good news for job seekers. 

The city's Human Services Agency is hiring 1,200 "on-site monitor" positions to greet, assist, make phone calls and do other odd jobs at the hotels and group conference centers where people have been diagnosed with, or are susceptible to, COVID-19. 

On-site monitors earn $24 an hour for the morning shift, $26 an hour for the afternoon shift and $28 an hour for the late shift.

Work is 40 hours a week, and is expected to continue for at least the next month if not longer, according to Joshua Arce, workforce director at the Office of Economic and Workforce Development. 

SF Goodwill is an official partner of the job-recruiting effort and Francisco Herrera of the San Francisco Day Labor Program is also trying to get the word out.

Anyone is allowed to apply for one of these entry-level positions, but Francisco said casual day laborers and domestic workers have been especially hard hit by the stay-at-home orders.

As of Friday, there were 1,287 people staying in 22 hotels and temporary housing units secured by the city, data shows. 

Interested applicants can apply here or by calling the San Francisco Worker Hotline at 415-701-4817, 7 days a week, where Human Services Agency and Office of Economic and Workforce Development staff are available to assist jobseekers in multiple languages.