San Francisco leaders protest Trump immigration policies

San Francisco city and community leaders held a pair of back-to-back protests on the steps of city hall, speaking out against Trump Administration policies on immigration and border enforcement.

The city said it's not backing down, leaders in San Francisco said the Supreme Court decision on the travel ban and the border enforcement policy are un-American and said history will be on their side.

Just hours after the Supreme Court released it's decision to uphold the third version of the Trump Administration's travel ban city leaders and community organizers in San Francisco were out on the steps of city hall saying although religion is not explicitly mentioned in the latest version the travel ban is, at it's core, a Muslim ban. "Regardless of what government said, the Muslim ban is unconstitutional," said Jehan Hakim from the Islamic Scholarship Fund.

Organizers say the highest court in the land got it wrong. Speakers reached back into history, recalling Supreme Court decisions allowing the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II and slavery. "This decision today is a travesty of justice, a stain on the Supreme Court's legacy that includes the Korematsu decision and the Dred Scott decision," said Ammad Rafiqi of CAIR San Francisco Bay Area.

Hours later, a second rally decried President Trump's zero tolerance border enforcement policy which led to children being separated from their families.

Organizers said the Trump administration's immigration policy and travel ban are evidence of systemic bias against anyone who is not white and Christian. "The Trump administration as well as the Supreme Court have a very carefully constructed racist, xenophobic isolationist agenda," said San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin.

City leaders vowed to continue their fight against Trump administration policies. "I am looking forward to not only holding this president accountable but other elected officials," said Mayor-Elect London Breed. "To do the right thing, to make sure we reunite these families and pass comprehensive immigration reform."

The Board of Supervisors were expected to vote Tuesday on a pair of resolutions one formally denouncing the presidents border immigration policy, the other supporting the "Keep Families Together Act" authored by Senator Dianne Fienstein.