San Francisco school enrollment down by 3,500 students

San Francisco school board officials are discussing a new report showing an enrollment drop of 3,500 students in the last two years.

The drop could mean a loss of state funding to the tune of $35 million.

SFUSD Superintendent Vince Matthews says the district needs to adjust to a "new normal," according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Officials had hoped enrollment would return to normal in the fall but it didn't happen despite efforts to make the schools safe for students.

"We have committed to putting into place all of the public health safety standards and protocols. Every campus has been approved by the SF Department of Public Health for reopening," said Matthews at the beginning of the school year.

SFUSD already faces a $116-million deficit for the next school year. 

An additional loss of $35 million would change the outlook for staffing and spending for the district.