San Francisco wheelchair basketball players celebrate addition of 10 new sports chairs

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SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) Basketball players with disabilities celebrated this week at a San Francisco recreation center with the addition of 10 new sport wheelchairs for basketball games, city officials said Wednesday. 

The new wheelchairs are designed for speed and agility and are available to check out for free at the Gene Friend Recreation Center at 270 Sixth St.

Recreation and park officials are designating Fridays from 6 to 8 p.m. for wheelchair basketball games. 

The new chairs cost $40,000 in total and were paid for through a grant from San Franciscans for Sports and Recreation, a nonprofit. 

"So proud that San Franciscans for Sports and Recreation was able to contribute to Gene Friend Recreation Center in SoMa so close to where our organization was formed", Seth Socolow, a member of the nonprofit said on Facebook. 

"Hoping the 10 sport wheelchairs we donated will provide many hours of sports fun in SoMa for years to come", he said.

Sport wheelchairs can be too expensive for an average player. 

Following the celebration of the gift, the Golden State Road Warriors, a wheelchair basketball team, and the Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program All Stars, another wheelchair team, played a demonstration game. 

Community members also had the chance to try out the new wheelchairs. 

Chuck Gil, captain of the Golden State Road Warriors, said wheelchair basketball sparked his love for athletics after he suffered from spinal meningitis. 

"It was instant love--competing and being active, but also social aspect," Gill said in a statement. "I haven't left the court since."