San Jose hit-and-run victim on way to work, riding bike when killed

Police are looking for a commercial truck driver who hit and killed a 71-year-old man in San Jose Thursday morning. A co-worker of the victim said he was on his way to work a block away when he was hit. It happened when the victim was riding his bike on Old Bayshore Highway near the junction of Interstate 880 and Highway 101.

“He was really consistent,” said Christina Kawano, the victim’s co-worker. “He was here by 6:45 a.m. every morning. When he didn’t show up at 6:45 a.m. we got kind of worried.”

Kawano who mans the front office at Omnitec Precision machine shop in San Jose said workers there grew suspicious when long-time employee Florencio did not show up to his work station.

Florencio is seen in surveillance video on his way to work heading westbound on busy Old Bayshore Highway around 5:45 a.m. when a white truck exiting Interstate 880 south heading in the same direction yields as does Florencio. The truck then runs him over.

“He probably never saw the guy,” said Miguel Medina of FMA Landscape Services.

The truck drags Florencio's bike some 40 feet. His body is lying in the bike lane.

“It’s pretty sad,” said Medina. “It’s just a moment you don't pay attention to the road and that’s what happened.”

San Jose Police released photos of a large white commercial truck with a tank on the back and hoses possibly a sewage truck. Police believe the truck is associated to the area.

“We do know there are a lot of businesses so maybe this driver was coming to or from work,” said Officer Gina Tepoorten of San Jose Police.

“We are pretty angry someone could be so careless,” said Kawano. 

Kawano said Florencio polished machine parts and worked with his nephew at the shop. She called him a sweet man who didn't ask for much.

“He was just a really nice man,” said Kawano. “Nobody deserves that. I really hope they find who did this and they figure out what happened and why.”

Police said the area was dark at the time so the driver may not have realized someone was hit. Police won't know until they speak to the driver. This is San Jose’s 47th traffic fatality this year.