San Jose Mayor Liccardo on latest pedestrian death: 'devastating to lose an 8-year-old'

In the wake of an 8-year-old boy's death just a block from school, residents of San Jose are reeling about pedestrian safety.

Mayor Sam Liccardo said the city needs to do more to address the safety risk as more people have been hit and killed by cars already this year, than all of 2021. 

Neighbors who live near the intersection where Jacob Villonova died Friday said they complained to city officials about that specific roadway.

"Devastating to lose an 8-year-old," said Mayor Liccardo. "I know that there had been some concerns at that intersection, about whether a stop sign could have prevented that tragedy."

He said they receive hundreds of complaints every week from residents throughout the city.

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"They're concerned about various roadway issues that may present safety concerns," said Mayor Liccardo. "The reality is that we have a very defined budget, and we need to focus our dollars on where the greatest risk exists."

The mayor said the data shows the largest number of pedestrian fatalities happen on the higher-speed roadways, so that has been the focus.

Even so, with 26 pedestrian fatalities so far this year, he said there's still a need to do more in neighborhoods, such as installing speed bumps and stop signs.