San Jose police identify suspect in airport security breach

"Five times is five times too many. So I think there's something just not right," says traveler Joe Mawad.

But airport officials said in this case, the breach was spotted quickly.

"That UPS employee is very much a part of the layers of security within our airport and performed admirably in terms of how that person was trained," says airport spokeswoman Rosemary Barnes.

And San Jose Mayor says security upgrades are in the works. The airport is testing radar, motion detection and infrared technology.

And there are plans in the works to raise the fence height from 6ft. with a foot of barbed wire on top, to 10 feet with a foot of barbed wire on top.

"We've got fencing that's on order, I'm told, that's been ordered several weeks ago. We've got $7 and a half million dollars in technology and fencing improvements that are going to be installed through the next budget cycle," says Mayor Sam Liccardo.