San Jose residents have Hustler Hollywood concerns

A controversial new adult store is set to open in West San Jose in October and it's already raising eyebrows.

Hustler Hollywood is opening its first Northern California location in a shopping center on South Bascom Avenue and West San Carlos Street. The City of San Jose spokeswoman said, it can't stop the business from moving in despite neighbors concerns.

To some people, it's been an eyesore for years. What used to be an old Bank of the West is set to be home to a "Hustler Hollywood" store selling lingerie, bondage and sex toys. According to the chain's web site, a San Jose location is "coming soon."

"I don't think this is the right clientele for it," said Pamela Adkins of San Jose.

"I really don't shop there, my wife doesn't shop there," said Dale Macadangdang of San Jose. "I really wouldn't know what to say or to expect."
The Los Angeles based company has more than a dozen locations throughout the country. A Hustler Hollywood spokesman called San Jose a great market with high readership for Hustler Magazine. The spokesman also said Hustler Founder Larry Flynt is a big fan of the city.

"I'm very surprised," said Bart Hendrick of San Jose. "He came in a gold wheelchair."

Hendrick said he saw Flynt check out the site himself two months ago. He thinks the store will help provide much needed foot traffic.

"It will probably bring in a lot more business around here too," said Hendrick. "It's pretty slow around here."

"It might bring more people which is always good for the establishments around it," said Sheri Irace of San Jose.

However, some residents worry families may be turned off.

"You have restaurants over here you, have shoe stores there, and you have the Dollar Tree," said Dale Macadangdang of San Jose. "Next thing you know you have Hustler lingerie store, it doesn't mix. It doesn't mix."
The City of San Jose said the adult store meets all zoning requirements. It's 500 feet away from a school and 200 feet away from a residential neighborhood and an existing adult business. Pink Poodle is across the street.

"It's retail use, it's selling legal products," said Rosalynn Hughey with the City of San Jose's planning, building and code enforcement department. "It has a right to be located in that area"

The store is tentatively set to open in October. The company plans to hire about a dozen people. Job postings are up for a store manager and assistant manager on its web site.