San Jose sports bar at center of illegal activities ordered to close

A San Jose sports bar known as a hot spot for illegal activity has been ordered closed by city officials.

Authorities said Agave Sports Bar, located at 544 West Alma Avenue, has been the source of dozens of calls from residents and neighbors reporting illegal activity. Additionally, at the onset of the COVID pandemic, the San Jose Police Department received calls reporting that the bar had been open and in violation of county health orders requiring its closure to the public.

Since January, officers have responded to calls involving fights, narcotics violations, and incidents involving weapons. Numerous arrests for drunk driving were also made on patrons leaving the bar. 

Two of the most serious incidents involved a double shooting of two females and a fatal crash that was caused by a driver engaging in sexual activity in the parking lot.

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Agave Bar was ordered to cease operations by Oct. 17.

City Attorney Nora Frimann said, "The purpose of the action was to address the serious safety and quality of life issues caused by this business. Agave’s closure is an appropriate resolution."

Dania Marie Baker, a lawyer representing Agave Sports Bar, sent a statement to KTVU that read, "My clients are disappointed by the number of unfounded accusations carried out in the media."

Editor's note: The story was updated with a statement from an attorney representing the sports bar.