San Jose State bans electric scooters on campus effective immediately

San Jose State University will no longer allow electric scooters on campus, calling it an issue of safety.

While they have proven to be useful modes of transportation, school officials say they were causing too many crashes and blocking too many doorways.

SJSU police have recorded more than 100 crashes and collisions thanks to electric scooters.

Student Caroline Basha said she was among those reports.

"I hit his back wheel and I flew across and I actually have a scar here. And I have a bunch of scratches here and my glasses flew and it was horrible," she said. 

The University said it's gotten so bad they're taking action: banning the use of electric scooters on campus.

The new policy takes effect immediately, though the penalties won't.

Charlie Faas, VP for administration and finance says, "We will stop them. We will tell them here's the policy. We'll give them a written warning. Maybe in the future we'll be giving out tickets but that's going to be way in the future."

There are now 8 drop zones around the perimeter of campus. Students are supposed to leave the scooters there.
Those left on campus, especially those blocking doors or pathways, are being confiscated.

Faas says, "We're collecting them until behavior changes on scooter companies’ behalf. And at such a point in time when we see different behaviors then maybe for a fee those get released."

San Jose State is already in talks with the scooter companies.  Lime has implemented an alert that will sound if you ride on campus. Bird may do something similar.

Some students say they welcome the change.

Student Kelly Sandlin says, "Electric scooters would come up behind me, it would scare me. and I wouldn't be able to move as fast as the other kids. And now I feel much relief."

But for those who have come to rely on these scooters to get around, the new policy will take some getting used to.

Student Simran Gambhir says, "There's parking on opposite sides of campus but nowhere inside, so it's just really inconvenient I get to class late and it's not the best idea."

And while the electric scooters are now banned, you can still ride your own self-propelled scooter or skateboard on campus.