San Jose State football players, students gather for vigil after freshman is hit and killed by bus

Dozens of students and coaches marched from the San Jose State campus to a vigil at 10th and Reed streets Friday evening, to light candles and share memories of 18-year-old freshman Camdan McWright. 

McWright was killed at the intersection Friday morning as he was riding an electric scooter to practice. CHP said he rode "directly into the path" of an oncoming school bus that had a green light. 

Teammates and friends said McWright was a hard worker that cared for everyone.

"Cam to me was just a guy that I could go to about anything. Whether it was about my mental health, about girls, whatever it may be. He was always there for me and I know he didn’t just do that for me. He touched many other people," said one of his teammates.

"He came to be one of the people I respected the most in our freshman class, just because of how hard he worked. I judge people based on where I think they’re going to go, he had just incredible potential and it’s a tragedy that he had to go so soon," said another teammate.

That potential was not just on the football field.

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"This guy was going to make a difference in the world," said the team's football analyst Terry Malley. "You know you look at the people around, and they talk about what he gave and how he cared and all the things you’re looking for in young people to make the world a better place, and he had all those attributes." 

Coaches said it was McWright's work ethic that had him hurrying to the football facility Friday morning. 

Coach Alonzo Carter said he had just made the traveling squad and wanted to get to practice early to prepare for his first game as a freshman. 

"Just look around, look at all of these people here. You see his impact, you see what he’s done. And he’s not gone, we gon’ carry him, we gon’ carry him," said Carter.

To close the vigil, the team asked everyone to put their arms around each other and sing "Lean On Me", a tradition they do at every game. Now it's a reminder of the man they all could count on, and what they need to do to keep his memory alive.

San Jose State has postponed its football game against New Mexico State that was scheduled for Saturday.