San Jose unveils more details on Super Bowl spending plan

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San Jose city leaders unveiled more details about how much money they expect to spend on the Super Bowl and how much they expect to bring in.  The city thinks the Super Bowl will bring in enough revenue to cover any of the expenses.

In a new memo, the city plans to spend about 1.4 million dollars on the Super Bowl – the majority of which would go to police.  San Jose estimates it will cost about 1.25 million for police services – which will include security for the NFC team hotel, patrols along the Downtown Special Event Zone, and contracts with the CHP for team escorts.  The city expects the NFL Host Committee will reimburse them $150,000 for security at the team hotel.

The San Jose Fire Department will have extra staffing because they expect to see more emergency calls.  They will have an additional engine company and two squad units ready to go – and expects the overtime to cost about $50,000.  The city is hoping the fire department can absorb these costs within their own budget by the end of the year.

About $100,000 will go to cultural events in the city; the Office of Economic Development will be spending $70,000 to “support the Downtown visitor experience, including a new Downtown visitor base map for ongoing use.”   $30,000 will go to local groups like San Jose Taiko, San Jose Jazz, and ZERO1; they will be performing live music and dance leading up to the game.

In its most recent estimate, San Jose leaders believe hotels will play a large role in bringing in revenue for the city.  The Deputy City Manager estimates that during Game Week alone, the Transient Occupancy Tax will bring in $1.35 million – and says that is a conservative estimate.  That tax applies to travelers who rent hotel rooms or even a house unless they are staying for more than 30 days.  In San Jose, that tax is 10%.

On top of that – there is another 4% tax for hotels in the Convention Center Facilities District, which is any hotel or motel within a 2.25 mile radius of the San Jose Convention Center.  The city expects that tax will bring in another $530,000.

Aside from the nearly 1.9 million dollars San Jose City expects to bring in on hotel revenue, the city believes the sales tax, parking and concessions will bring total revenue even higher.