San Mateo County's 5 homicides this year have all been because of domestic violence: DA

A recent domestic violence case in Daly City is part of a disturbing trend in San Mateo County

The district attorney's office said the county has had five homicides so far this year – and they were all domestic violence cases.  

The most recent killing happened over the weekend.

Now, the relatives of Grace Marie Kelly said they're speaking out to make sure she's not forgotten and to raise awareness about domestic violence.

"She would drop everything to help somebody out," Unique Williams said of her mother, who worked as a supervisor at a mortgage company to support her family, including her 83-year-old mother.

Now, there is disbelief that she was shot and killed. She appeared to be a victim of domestic violence.

"Very shocking to know that I never got to say goodbye, and I'll never see her again," said Williams. 


Ambush of San Jose officers highlights risk of answering domestic violence calls

As a San Jose officer fights for her life in the hospital after being shot this week, the risk involved in answering domestic violence calls is highlighted.

On Saturday about 7 a.m.,, police responded to a 911 call and found Kelly dead in the garage of her home.

Investigators said she was shot at least twice by her boyfriend, Aubrey Charles Avery.  

Family members who were home at the time said Avery and Kelly had argued and went downstairs to the garage.

"All of a sudden, my grandma and my dad heard three gunshots," said niece Elizabeth Quiroz. "And my grandma went downstairs and found her daughter murdered." 

Police said they tracked the suspect down about a half mile from the home and that he tried to run away.  They arrested him and said  they recovered the gun he used.

Prosecutors said six hours earlier, Kelly had called 911 to report that her boyfriend had threatened her with a gun.

But when police arrived, she and the suspect denied there was a gun.

"There was no evidence of any domestic violence between them. She didn't appear injured. She wasn't bleeding so there was no basis for police to make an arrest," San Mateo County Deputy District Attorney Sean Gallagher said on Tuesday.

The DA's office said it's common that victims deny there is a problem. But the fact that the county's five homicides have all been domestic violence-related, is "alarming," Gallagher said. 

And there's no answer to what's behind this disturbing trend.

Kelly's daughter said her mother was scheduled to visit her in Las Vegas on the day she was killed.

"We had our differences sometimes and even though mother daughter bickering, I always loved her i loved her to the very end," Williams said through tears. 

Avery is being held with no bail. He faces 50 years to life in prison. 

He is scheduled to be back in court Sept. 13. 

IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED in helping Kelly's daughter, the family started a GoFundMe. 

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