San Pablo police officer saves baby's life on sidewalk

A San Pablo police officer is being credited with saving a baby's life.

In a Facebook post, the police department said Officer Brandon Oswald was near the West County Health facility on Saturday about 2:30 p.m., when a call came in about a 1-week-old baby who wasn't breathing.

Police said Oswald arrived to the scene in second and found the baby's mother, who was crying for help.

Oswald performed CPR on the baby, and dislodged whatever was stuck in the baby's throat.

Medical units arrived and took the baby to the hospital.

The police department shared an image of Oswald and another officer smiling down at the baby. Both are on a sidewalk. 

Oswald was hired in San Pablo in about 2017. Before than he was a police officer in Concord and a member of the Army Reserve.