San Ramon police investigate 'smash-and-grab' robbery at jewelry store

San Ramon police are investigating a "smash-and-grab" armed robbery at a jewelry store.

The holdup happened at Heller Jewelers in the City Center Bishop Ranch shopping center on Bollinger Canyon Road at about 2:45 p.m. Friday.

Cell phone video posted on social media shows a group of armed robbers running off with valuables after they invaded the store.

One witness told KTVU it happened very quickly.

"All of a sudden I saw a bunch of people from the valet. Two cars parked, and they just started running, storming inside," the witness said. "The security guard had a gun pointed at him."

Witnesses at a nearby restaurant reacted in shock and immediately called the police while telling workers to secure their doors.

"The guy has a gun!" one man says. "Lock your door! Lock the door!"

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He soon adds, "Oh my God, that guy is holding a guy against the wall!"

One of the robbers can be seen with a gun near the front door. Another intruder apparently uses a hammer to smash a display case."

Seven robbers then run out before jumping into an orange Dodge Charger and a white Jeep Cherokee.

"It kind of was just like a rush, honestly. I'd never seen anything like that before," the witness said. "It was honestly terrifying."

The store was closed to the public on Saturday. Store officials declined to comment.

San Ramon police said no one was injured and that the investigation was continuing. Officers were a visible presence at the shopping center on Saturday.

Shoppers were in shock over the latest jewelry store smash-and-grab.

"Pretty bold. That's pretty bold," said Stephanie Myers of Castro Valley.

Her husband Edward Myers agreed, saying, "It's unfortunate. Where are the parents?"