Santa Clara park ranger rescues litter of coyote pups

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A litter of young coyote pups is recovering after losing their mother. 

A Santa Clara Park Ranger found a coyote pup on the side of the road Monday morning and had taken it to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. It's mother had been hit by a car while trying to move the pup to another spot. A few hours later, the ranger found three more pups in the area.

All of the pups were dehydrated and covered in fleas. They are also likely anemic due to the fleas, according to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. 

"We are taking all the necessary steps to ensure that these pups will grow up to be self-sufficient, wild coyotes," according to WCSV. 

The pups will be under care for about five to six months before they're released to the wild. 

Learn more about the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley here.