Santa Cruz server, busboy save 2 from car submerged in yacht harbor

Jessica Berg was in the right place at the right time Saturday night.

The 28-year-old mother had almost stayed home from work that day. Instead, she was working her shift as a server at Santa Cruz's waterfront restaurant the Crow's Nest.

Berg took her break and was looking out the window of the kitchen. It was a stormy night and the area - that's usually pretty busy - was unusually quiet.

That's when Berg noticed a black car plunge into the water.

Berg immediately jumped into action. She yelled to her friend who told the bartender to call 911.

As Berg was yelling and running downstairs, her coworker Adrian, a 21-year-old busboy heard the commotion.

He ran out of the restaurant to the water's edge and jumped in without hesitation.

Berg says a few others helped Adrian pull the man and woman out of the water.

"The man was sitting up and talking so we knew he was OK," said Berg.

When the woman was pulled out it didn't look like she was breathing. Someone asked if anyone knew how to do CPR. Since she had training Berg was nervous, but stepped in. But before CPR was started, the woman started spitting up water and was foaming at the mouth. "It was really scary," said Berg.

Berg says she keeps thinking she almost stayed home from work that day. She adds she views Adrian as a "superhero."

When asked how she reacted so quickly Berg responded, "I just reacted how I would want someone to react if my son and I were in a situation like that."

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports the driver was arrested for driving under the influence, according to the CHP.