Santa Rosa family chases car thief, results in fiery collision, injury

Santa Rosa family members who saw their Dodge Charger was being stolen, decided to chase their vehicle in order to get it back, but it turned out, the pursuit ended up in a fiery seven-car collision which also left the apparent car thief injured.

Sometime after midnight, the family heard a noise outside their home on Rhianna Street and when they looked outside they saw someone apparently breaking into—and stealing their white Dodge Charger, police said.

That car took off—and two men from that home hopped into another vehicle and began tailing the car, police said.

That chase took them through the streets of Santa Rosa—sometimes at speeds of 100 mph.

Those car owners say they lost sight of the car— but heard the crash.

By the time they arrived at that crash they found that white Dodge Dharger smashed into six other vehicles—causing one car to catch fire.

The driver—and presumed car thief — was either thrown from the car or managed to crawl out after the crash—he was unresponsive at the scene, police.

There was no immediate update on the driver’s condition—and police say they haven’t been able to talk to him—and haven’t been able to identify him.