Saratoga woman reunited with dog stolen three years ago

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A dog that was stolen three years ago is now back with its owner. 

Patricia Griffin of Saratoga walked into Contra Costa Animal Services on Tuesday in Martinez and was reunited with her missing pup.

Griffin says “Elliot” was stolen three years ago when she was leaving a hotel in Livermore. Utterly devastated, she hired a private investigator to find the dog. But they had no luck.

The half-Maltese, half-yorkie is micro-chipped and this week she received an email from the company saying they caught him by surprise.

“Usually they’ll say something like, ‘have you found Elliot?’” Griffin said. “But this one said, ‘Elliot’s been found.’”

“I went, ‘whoa.’ That’s just too weird. They made a mistake.”

But it was no mistake. Elliot, now eight-years-old, was returned to his owner.

Other than the need for a bath and haircut, Griffin said Elliot is doing just fine.