Sausalito woman scammed out of $120K, Florida man arrested

A Florida man was arrested Saturday in connection with a computer scam in which he allegedly stole over $100,000 from a Sausalito resident since last year, police said.

According to police, a 64-year-old woman reported that in 2015 her computer got a virus after downloading a free Windows 10 upgrade.

The woman told police shortly after the download her computer started to improperly function, and several ads for a virus repair began to pop up with recommended "computer repair companies".

Police said the woman paid one of the companies to attempt to repair her computer but instead her bank accounts were accessed unlawfully, and cash was moved from her retirement account to her checking account.

The company alleged the woman had overpaid them and demanded the money be paid back via a cashiers check made out to Robert Ratkovcic.

Police said Ratkovcic, 49, traveled from Orlando to Sausalito on two occasions during June and July to receive the checks from the woman's home.

On Wednesday, police learned that an individual from the computer repair company contacted the woman stating they needed an additional cashier's check and that Ratkovcic would be traveling again to retrieve it.

Investigators set up an undercover surveillance operation and arrested Ratkovcic once he arrived at the victim's home, according to police.

He was booked into the Marin County Jail on suspicion of theft by false pretenses, grand theft, and conspiracy, police said.

In total the woman had nearly $120,000 stolen from her, according to police.