Schaaf to head to New York to plead Oakland's case as Raiders home

In Oakland, Mayor Libby Schaaf is going long in her effort to keep the Raiders in her city.

Next Wednesday, she'll be in New York City trying to convince the NFL that Oakland is the ideal market for the Silver and Black.

But other cities, especially the city of Carson near Long Beach are also calling, hoping to land an NFL team of their own.

One major stumbling block here is the area's reluctance to invest public money in a new stadium.

But Schaaf says she's not worried about that.

"We believe the investment will be there. But it is for us to demonstrate our role and to make the case why Oakland is worth investing in, why it's a place the Raiders are going to want to stay for many years to come," she said.

Questions have been swirling all season about whether the Raiders will move to L.A., or if it will be the St. Louis Rams or the San Diego Chargers, or any combination of the three that will end up in the second largest television market in the country.