School bus crashes into Orlando home's pool

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A school bus went into an Orlando home's yard on Friday morning, taking a nose dive into a swimming pool.

The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) says that the school bus went into someone's yard at Willowwood Street and Rushmore Court. This occurred after a crash between the school bus and a vehicle.

Orange County Fire Rescue says that the school bus crashed into the front of a Jeep. It then reportedly veered off the road and into the fence, putting the nose of the school bus inside a home's swimming pool. FHP says that the homeowner helped remove all of the children and the bus driver from the back of the bus.

Orange County Fire Rescue also says that the nine children and bus driver onboard did not get injured. However, FHP says that the Jeep had a driver and three children inside. The driver and all three children suffered minor injuries. 

Orange County Public Schools confirmed that another school bus picked up the students and transported them to school.

FHP originally stated that was unclear which vehicle caused the crash, as each driver stated that the other vehicle swerved into their lane. However, the FHP has since ticketed the driver of the school bus for driving left of the center line. The driver of the Jeep was also ticketed for failure to use due care.

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