School surprises special education student with 21st birthday party

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A north Georgia high school surprised one of its students with a birthday party she’ll never forget.

Kylie Harris, a special education student at Morgan County High School, turned 21 last Sunday - an extra special milestone, according to her mother.

"Twenty-one is a huge milestone for her," Harris told FOX 5's Katie Muse. "We didn't think she would make it to celebrate several other birthdays along the way."

Harris said her daughter isn’t a typical student and has come a long way over the last 21 years.

“Kylie was diagnosed and treated a recurring brain tumor at ages, 3, 5, and 8,” Harris said. “She suffered a stroke, after her first surgery, which left her unable to swallow, walk or talk.”

Harris said her daughter spent years in therapy for rehabilitation.

“As a side effect of her tumors, stroke and surgeries, Kylie has 11 medical conditions which affect her physically, resulting in frequent absences from school.”

Friday morning, ahead of her milestone birthday, Kylie’s art teacher and class, as well as three other classes, coordinated a surprise party to help her celebrate.

“She was totally unaware of the plan,” Harris said. “Acceptance is obvious when you see the picture of the art, special education, physics and calculus classes all together for her special celebration.”

Harris said her daughter walked into the classroom where fellow students sang and presented her with a cake.

“The slogan for Morgan County High School is ‘One Morgan’ and that spirit was demonstrated clearly,” Harris said. “These teachers and students deserve a shout out.”

Harris said Kylie loved the party and enjoyed sharing all of the details with her mother.

“We truly love her school,” Harris said. “This is Kylie’s fourth year of attendance and the teachers and students are amazingly supportive of the special needs students.”

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