Scientists: Gray whale stranded in Rodeo died of malnutrition

Researches have confirmed a stranded gray whale that washed ashore in Rodeo last week, died of malnutrition. 

The 41-foot-adult female was the subject of the 10th Bay Area gray whale necropsy this year alone. This one was conducted by The Marine Mammal Center, California Academy of Sciences and University of California Santa Cruz’s Long Marine Lab. 

Scientists had said there are more gray whales in the Bay Area than usual as they make their northerly migration this spring. However, this whale was noted as having a "significant lack of blubber and body fat," both clear signs of malnutrition. 

Another necropsy is scheduled next week for the gray whale that was stranded on Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica.

In the meantime, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is working to tow the whale's carcass to Angel Island State Park where the 11th necropsy this year will be performed.