Secret DMV office near State Capitol serves Calif. lawmakers, staff

State lawmakers and their staff have their own secret DMV office, according to reports. 

We’ve been reporting about long lines at the DMV and certain locations offering Saturday service to combat frustrations. Turns out state lawmakers don’t share the same frustrations.  

That's because they have their own secret DMV office, according to the Sacramento Bee.

It sits just adjacent to the state capital and lawmakers can go there to register their vehicles, renew their driver's licenses and even apply for the new real ID cards.

"I've been here six years and I'm not surprised that legislators have given themselves special privileges and perks that typical Californians just don't get," said Assemblyman Jim Patterson (R) Fresno. 

The DMV says that location serves current and retired members of the legislature, along with elected and appointed officials.

"I think It's open to the public, if I recall,” said State Senator Ricardo Lara (D) Bell Gardens. “I'm not sure I haven't used it."

The office is not open to the public.