Security guard stop sexual assault of child behind San Jose shopping center

An alleged sexual predator is behind bars after a vigilant security guard says he caught him in the act and helped rescue a 13-year-old girl.

Tuan Binh Nguyen, 70, San Jose was taken into custody on Monday behind the shopping center on along Capitol Expressway and Tuers Road in San Jose

San Jose Police say that just after 3:30 p.m. Nguyen pulled into a back lot of the shopping center that is described as secluded. 

Christopher Gomez, who has been patrolling the shopping center for about three months, told KTVU that he was in the back parking lot filling out paperwork in an unmarked vehicle.

“I saw him go in the back seat,” said Gomez, “About two or three minutes later I walked over to the vehicle like I usually do and I noticed him in the back with a minor.

Gomez described how he jumped into action what witnessing the incident, which he describes as something no one should never witness. 

“I asked her what he age was. She stated to me I’m 13. And I go are you okay? And she just gave me a blank steer and she just said no,” he recalled.

Gomez, who is armed, took another bold step to make sure that Nguyen could not escape during the confrontation.

“I drew my weapon and I had the guy get out of the car. I had to act quick because I didn’t know if he had any weapons in the car or if she was in danger at that point,” Gomez said.

Police say Nguyen has a relationship with the victim’s family that goes back years when they hired him to drive the victim between school and home.

Nguyen apparently transports children for other families too police say and had just dropped off other children before the assault took place.

He is charged with Kidnapping, false imprisonment, digital penetration with a child under 14 years old with force and lewd act with a child under 14 years old with force.

The San Jose Police Department is seeking information from anyone who may have had similar contact in the past with Nguyen to contact detective Ed Sandoval or Detective John Tran of the San Jose Police Department’s Sexual Assault Investigations Unit at 408-277-4102.

Tips can be made anonymously to the Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers at (408) 947-STOP (7867).