Security video: Racist and homophobic stickers placed at East Bay high school

An East Bay high school is investigating racist and homophobic stickers placed around campus.

Security video at California High School in San Ramon shows two people wearing masks and hoodies putting the stickers on building walls. 

One of the stickers showed SS lightning bolts, which is a common white supremacist symbol derived from Nazi Germany. 

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Administrators discovered them on March 24 and promptly removed them.

Some parents are now upset they didn't find out what had happened until now.

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"They didn't have to go into specifics about the stickers, but they should have told something like this is happening and they are investigating," said parent Arwind Purhoit. 

The superintendent told KTVU that the district is focused on getting to the root of the problem.

He also said there's a new policy of sending home a letter to parents when discrimination issues are discovered.