See if you are owed unclaimed money in Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County has nearly $90,000 in unclaimed money that belongs to some of its residents and businesses.

The Santa Clara County Department of Tax and Collection recently published a list of 127 residents and businesses who are owed a portion of $89,017 in unclaimed money. The list is generated every three years. 

Residents or businesses who are on the list have until Nov. 11 to submit a claim.

The unclaimed money comes from overpayments, duplicate payments, adjustment of charges, and payments to victims who cannot be located, among other reasons.

"Usually they are overpayments for justice accounts, medical accounts, or public assistance accounts," said Jose Mandujano, a representative for the Department of Tax and Collections.

Mandujano emphasized that the money in not a tax refund.

The department said it has made several attempts to locate the payees, but was unsuccessful.

Officials said last year there was $212,000 in unclaimed money. A sizable portion of that was returned to its rightful owners.

Experts said it's a common problem for governments and businesses.

"Businesses have similar requirements. If they owe money to somebody and can’t find them," said Annette Nellen, a professor of accounting and taxation at San Jose State University."If it’s a small amount, people may not be paying close attention to it, thinking, oh they owed me $50, and it didn’t come to them. And then people move. It’s also possible it got lost in the mail."

Those who want to see if their name is on the published list can click here. The amounts owed range from $15 to several thousand dollars.

People who are owed money can submit a claim online or by mail along with copies of supporting documentation. They must be filed by November 11.